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Imhotep Consulting offers a variety of expert services necessary to ignite organizational excellence and achieve strategic goals. Refer to IMHOTEP Service descriptions below:
IMHOTEP Research

At Imhotep Consulting we are passionate about research and scientific methodologies. Our consultants meet our clients' needs by utilising cutting edge epidemiological, statistical, evaluation and programmatic principles.



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IMHOTEP Solutions

Imhotep Consulting is your organization’s best friend. We offer a wide range of enterprise solutions to optimise business processes, develop a powerful brand, increase productivity and cultivate a happy staff.


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  • Project Management and Project Direction

    Imhotep consultants have experience in providing Project Management and Project Direction services for Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller enterprises. We are able to assist in meeting management challenges and  possess expertise using methodologies such as PRINCE2 and engineering best practices.


    Services include:

    Program assessment


     Policy analysis

     Strategic Planning

     Exective coaching and team building

  • Enterprise Solution Development

    Imhotep Consulting possesses the expertise in technologies, systems and practices necessary to successfully deliver applications capable of servicing Enterprise-level needs across a large variety of industries.

    Services include:

     Best practice software engineering

        techniques - (C, C++, J2ME, J2EE, MATLAB

        PHP, ASP, Visual Basic, XML, SQL)

     Wireless Enterprise Systems - (WiFi,

        WiMAX, GSM, HSPA+, RFID)



  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Take your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) beyond paperless efforts and reap the benefits. IMHOTEP Consulting can help you integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into your organization’s values to stimulate growth and set yourself apart as a powerful brand.



    Services include:


    CSR strategy development

     Working with the local community

    Measurement of the effectiveness of CSR

     Development of products and services to

       reflect your organization’s ethical values

  • Information Security

    At Imhotep we offer full service security solutions, providing both physical and information security consultancy services with years of experience implementing robust security solutions.




    Our staff and consultants are skilled in:

    Security Policy and Frameworks

    Security Implementation and Operation

    Physical Security

    Risk Management Plans

    Security Reviews and Audits

    Security Management

    Security Architecture and Design

    ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems

  • Systems Operations

    Imhotep consultants have significant experience in operational support, establishment and definition of services for ICT areas. Leveraging this experience we are able to assist in the planning and development of services and processes that directly link to the business requirements of organizations.


    Services Include:


    ICT Systems Administration

    Software / hardware installation and


    Active network equipment installation and


  • Enterprise Support

    Imhotep Consulting empowers clients with cost effective and secure means of outsourcing the management of their ICT systems. We offer a skilled and experienced team focussed on achieving the customer’s business goals. Imhotep consultants have worked with organizations to define service descriptions, develop performance metrics and to implement the actual services.



    Services include:


    Fixed price management including Service

        Level  Agreements (SLAs) with Key

        Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Service desk offerings with Job Tracking


    Formal Change Management Processes

  • Human Resources

    At Imhotep we possess extensive team building and Human Resource selection and management skills.

    Services include:


    Interviews and assessments

    Development of skills matrices



IMHOTEP Training

Imhotep consulting offers specialist training services in ICT and information security related disciplines. Our programs are uniquely tailored for individual organizations and delivered by subject specialists who draw upon hands-on industry experience.



Services include:


Training Needs Analysis

Training Course Design

In-House Training Courses



IMHOTEP Analytics

Data is the life's blood of any organization and Imhotep consulting has the experience of helping organizations use their data more effectively to guide strategic direction.


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Imhotep Consulting can help you attract health-conscious consumers and increase productivity  by taking steps to foster a health-loving workplace.



Services include:


Menu assessments and recommendations

Corporate and community lifestyle


 Sports / Performance nutritional




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